Innovation and design

To obtain a competitive edge, it is essential to stimulate the consumer with innovative products, in which the latest technology ensures high performances, user-friendliness and environmental protection. In Candy Group, products are constantly updated to offer performances tailored to meet customers’ requirements as they evolve.

Our objective is to win the consumer’s trust.

The very first Candy washing machine, launched over 70 years ago, was made to suit the home and habits of the Italian consumer, providing a basic service. Today, design is an essential element for ensuring the success of an electrical appliance: the emotional message it conveys is a powerful selling tool.

Candy Group strives to achieve functional beauty, i.e. its products are designed around the function for which they have been conceived and made.

The design of our products is dictated by the needs and desires of the market and their target groups: a strong element that makes our products stand out, it is immediately visible throughout the range. The look of an electrical appliance made by Candy Group is reliable, recognisable and anything but obtrusive.