“Our mission is to improve everyday life with solutions for the home that are capable of surprising and amazing consumers worldwide”.

Beppe Fumagalli, CEO


Commitment, innovation and the ability to follow through. A way of doing business that focuses on people and their needs. This is the inspiration that has made the Group great and shown the way to go if we want to continue as the global reference point for innovative solutions that make it even easier, cheaper and more fun to take care of the home, keep it clean and enhance our own personal wellbeing. These concepts are reflected in the vision of the Group:

  • The people who work in Candy Group are proud of the fact that their work is changing the world;
  • Candy Group leads the field when it comes to understanding its consumers and their requirements, and it uses this knowledge to offer the best experience with its products and services;
  • With our brands we create solutions for all homes, generating ever-increasing value for all our stakeholders.


  • Rapid innovation with a view to continuously improving the performance of our products and services, and with a particular focus on the constant evolution of the consumers’ requirements;
  • Respect for all individuals whether they are consumers, employees, suppliers or partners;
  • design to achieve a distinctive yet harmonious look centred on the functionality of the product;
  • putting the customer first to align the products and services with the consumer’s needs. A distinctive feature ensuring a cutting edge style and approach;
  • Italianness: creativity, feeling for Italian culture, good taste in design and cooking.
Corporate values