Production plants

The group strategy focuses on concentrating its production near the areas with the highest levels of consumption, assessing the optimum industrial solution for each individual case. The production strategy is implemented gradually, following a careful analysis of the markets, the industrial and occupational scenarios and the relative logistics. The production structure of Candy Group is based on a network of different plants in Italy, France, Russia, China and Turkey, with a balanced presence based on the distribution and sale of the products.

The production facility in Brugherio (Monza Brianza) opened in 1961 and has been constantly renewed with regard to its processes and plant. Today it produces front loading washing machines and offers innovations featuring 4.0 manufacturing technologies.

Jiangmen, in the Guandong region of the People’s Republic of China, is where Jinling is based, the plant that produces “European” type front loading washing machines completely identical to those that leave the Brugherio site, as well as traditional “Asian” vertical models. In November 2012, Candy Group opened a new industrial complex in China, destined to produce 2 million washing machines per year.

The main production site of the Group for free-standing cookers, hobs and built-in ovens is located in Eskişehir (Turkey). Situated near the current industrial site, the dryer production facility Renta has also been operational since the end of 2009, offering a production capacity of 600,000 units per year. In May 2018, the country’s second production site was opened, specialising in the production of smart dishwashers . A project set up to develop a new high efficiency production process based on the use of innovative manufacturing practices. No less than 300 workers will be employed in the new plant, with an annual production capacity of approximately 800,000 pieces.

The front loading washing machines under the Candy and Hoover brands are manufactured in Kirov (Russia).

The town of Bourges in France hosts the production site of the built-in domestic appliances for cooking and free-standing cookers sold under the Rosières brand, a leading name in the high end range of the French market.