Code of conduct

Candy Group has signed the Code of Conduct of Ceced Italia, the association of the manufacturers of domestic appliances in Italy. The Code is based on the Code of Ethics and Social Responsibility already signed with Ceced (the European manufacturers’ association).

Download the code of conduct of Ceced

The Code of Conduct of Ceced Italia requests that companies participate in the activities of the association and that they make a valid contribution to common projects and initiatives. It requires those who sign it to support future market surveillance initiatives to prevent imports of potentially unsafe or low quality products or products with dubious origins. By signing the Code, each company undertakes to further improve the energy efficiency of its products and therefore to protect the environment by minimising the quantity of damaging emissions released into the atmosphere. With the CSR Code (Corporate Social Responsibility) of Ceced (Europe) the companies commit to ethical and socially responsible behaviours in their dealings with their own workers (and the employees of their suppliers), with consumers, the company and the environment. Candy Group has adopted the principles of this Code and integrated them in the policies on social responsibility in force at all its production, sales, management, research and development sites worldwide.