Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics is a voluntary self-regulation tool that brings together a series of commitments undertaken by people at Candy Group (hereinafter also referred to as Candy Group, Candy or Group) towards the company, colleagues and partners. Our objective is to translate these into behavioural standards which must be upheld everyone who, in various ways and with different responsibilities, contribute to fulfilling the company mission.

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The Code reiterates the main national and international laws, guidelines and documents in force regarding human rights, social responsibility and corporate governance, referring in particular to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the United Nations, the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union, the labour standards contemplated in the agreements of the International Labour Organization (ILO) , the Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises of the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) and the Code of Conduct of the C.E.C.E.D (National Association of Manufacturers of Domestic and Professional Appliances). In general, those who work for or behalf of Candy Group are required to comply with the laws and regulations of the countries where the activities are carried out and to respect the regulations of the international community. The awareness that they belong to a Group of global significance goes hand in hand with their understanding that they are responsible for going that extra mile. With this Code of Ethics, our aim is therefore to clearly express the principles with which those who work for the Group must comply, focusing mainly on the positive behaviours that we want to witness in our daily activities.

Message from the CEO

“Every day and in all sectors of our business, the reputation of Candy Group and the people who work here depends on how each one of us behaves. Reputation comes from ensuring that others trust us more easily and it is the ability to gain esteem and be considered reliable partners by the people with whom we come into contact that has enabled us to achieve the milestones of which we are so proud. Our history stems from the entrepreneurial spirit and cohesion of a family and this is the connection that makes us resilient, this is where we can rediscover the guidelines for our daily life: respect for others, the will to understand one another, trust, the idea that together we can create something stronger and more beautiful. The good reputation of Candy is our most important capital, a legacy we must take good care of and reinforce day after day, in all the activities we undertake, because it is fragile: the bad behaviour of one person is all it takes to discredit the respectable image of everyone else. We are sure that, for each one of us, complying with the principles of Candy Group means simply going on behaving as we usually do, keeping the continuity of our daily routine and how we have conducted ourselves until now, because we consider these rules as our own, as natural, almost taking them for granted. So why put them down in writing? Because we want to share clearly a code of conduct common to all those who work for Candy Group, which develops coherence and internal cohesion so that we can exchange views with one another more easily and see ourselves as part of a community that is united, even if scattered across many countries. By openly defining the style favoured by Candy, we can encourage people to be clean and honest and to believe in their work. I am convinced that any economic result is something we can be proud of only if its achievement is based on the principle of integrity. This is our commitment, and we make it clear in this document, so that we can encourage those who support our entrepreneurial project to help us ensure that it is carried forward consistently.”

Beppe Fumagalli