The impression a company conveys is not only the fruit of its products: elements such as reputation, brand positioning, image and popularity are closely linked to the founding values that it shares with all its stakeholders, and especially those who work there.

The Code of Ethics, which lists the values to be followed and shared in order to achieve practical behaviours and results, is a way of ensuring that employees continuously strive to improve performance in all aspects of the company’s business on a day-to-day basis. In this regard, it is essential that everyone in Candy Group feels responsible for developing and improving themselves, others, the working environment and the products. These values must guide the Group’s human resources as they go about their daily business, behaving responsibly and consistently. Candy Group considers its people and their professionalism an essential value for the development and fulfilment of its strategy and this is why it pays maximum attention to the contribution and participation of each individual worker. It is constantly committed to training people about these issues and guaranteeing a working environment in which everyone feels respected, stimulated, motivated, satisfied and proud to belong to a company that has made the history books of domestic appliances in Italy and Europe.