Health and safety at work

The HSE structure is engaged in the constant analysis and continuous monitoring of all Candy Group production sites through scheduled visits. As a result, property management and maintenance interventions, as well as safety improvements, can be planned in detail. This has meant a constant process of improvement in safety standards on the basis of the insurer's guidelines and, with the support of specialised technicians, it has helped to resolve a number of problems concerning plants and the management of human resources.

Candy Group strives to ensure respect for the fundamental rights of its workers within its operating units, in particular the rights ratified by the International Labour Organisation. For Candy Group, health and safety in the workplace and accident prevention have always been a prime objective of all its production sites. The process that ensures health and safety at work consists of a series of phases that go from identifying the risk factors, both for defined areas and single work stations, to assessing these in a specific document, defining and implementing contingency plans aimed at the prevention and reduction of accidents and the improvement of the environment and the working conditions (micro-climate, the ergonomics of the work stations, architectural barriers and performing regular checks on the safety of plants and equipment and on the correct application of the working procedures). The annual investment plans dedicated to the environment and safety assign important financial resources to training initiatives ranging from general training for all workers to more specific courses for groups of workers (first response, fire safety, first aid teams) or for individual workers with specific tasks. The focus of Candy Group is not limited to what happens inside its plants but includes the entire logistic transportation and distribution cycle, and even goes as far as covering all the conditions in which the products might be used. Guaranteeing safe products for the consumer or industrial customer means consistently completing the safety chain.