Sustainable development

Candy Group was one of the first large groups to embrace the concept today known as Sustainable Development. After years of work, the timeframe shifted beyond the normal limits for return on a financial investment, seeking to define and implement a policy that was not only linked with the more “traditional” aspects of Quality, Environment and Safety but also included a focus on Social Responsibility. On this last front, Candy Group bases all its relationships with its stakeholders and consumers, suppliers, in-house staff and communities on ethical fairness, financial transparency and social sustainability, including Business Ethics, Social Responsibility and Communication.


The Code of Ethics is a voluntary self-regulation tool that brings together a series of commitments we at Candy Group have undertaken towards the company, our colleagues and all those who come into contact with us. Our objective is to translate these commitments into behavioural standards which must be upheld by all everyone who, in various ways and with different responsibilities, contributes to fulfilling the company mission.

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Candy Group has signed the Code of Conduct of Ceced Italia, the association of the manufacturers of domestic appliances in Italy. The Code is based on the Code of Ethics and Social Responsibility already signed with Ceced (the European manufacturers’ association).

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Candy Group is a forerunner in the quest to create increasingly environment-friendly domestic appliances designed to protect our surroundings and enhance the well-being of all.

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Candy Group strives to ensure respect for the fundamental rights of its workers within its operating units, in particular the rights ratified by the International Labour Organisation.

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The impression a company conveys is not only fruit of its products: elements such as reputation, brand positioning, image and popularity are closely linked to the founding values that it shares with all its stakeholders, and especially those who work there.

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A good Candy Group product cannot exist without the collaboration of good, valid suppliers. Candy Group’s close focus on quality, has led it to carefully select the suppliers with whom it builds true partnership relationships.

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